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Sophia Dsouza

Sophia is a pre-medical student at UCLA studying Physiological Science and Global Health with plans to become a pediatrician. She is involved with UNICEF and volunteers at Ronald Reagan Hospital. She and her small group of dedicated peers are building Tutoring for Heroes to live up to its vision with the hope to help as many families as possible.


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Paulina Dsouza
Andrew Swenson
Joseph Salahi-Chung
Francesca De Castro
Maria Paulino
Brittney Hun
Andrea Simonian
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Natasa Saric
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Brennan Book
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Drew Pfeiffer
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Audrey Petersen
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Shannon Zhuang
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Adrienne Shamoon
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Tyler James Ray
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Hiba Alnajjar
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Eiko Yamada
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Nozaneen Leily Arshady
Tai Metzger
Parsa Riazi
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